Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions? Well we are your answer! We're here to help anybody with their digital marketing needs. If there are any questions that you may have that are left unanswered please feel free to call or email us!

Why do your prices for services seem high?

Contrary to belief, our services are actually priced far lower than other digital marketing agencies. Sozilla’s services cost a little less than a $15 per hour full time employee. But instead of getting a novice to take responsibility for your online reputation, you hand over that important part of your business to us. Our goal is give true VALUE to your digital presence and convert leads into revenue for your company.

Do you guys work with SEO?

We in fact do, and to be as humble as possible we are experts. But Search Engine Optimization shouldn’t be your company’s only focus for online marketing. For all it takes is one Google update to send even the most knowledgable SEO professional back to square one.

Can you guys guarantee my website a first page ranking on Google?

Here at Sozilla we believe honesty and integrity is the best policy. The answer is absolutely no one can guarantee such a thing. There is of course companies that do claim they can guarantee it and end up not keeping their word but make no mistake we are excellent at Google rankings. We like to under promise and OVER achieve.

What differentiates Sozilla Digital from other advertising agencies in washington dc?

Simple, our DC SEO experts we can show you everything your competition is doing. From keywords, backlinks, to practically everything regarding their online presence. We have the software to ethically “spy” on how their website is set up and get you ahead of them. Show us your BIGGEST competitor and we will make you BIGGER.

Why is Social Media the Main Focus?

Great question, at the moment social media marketing is very low priced and it is also the most efficient platform to expose your business to future customers. Using the strategies and engaging posts provided by us we can have people that enjoy your business/services do the marketing for you, for absolutely zero dollars. The power of word of mouth goes a long way!

What does the word "Sozilla" mean?

We combined the word “social” and “godzilla” to give us a name that matches our monstrous work ethic. Ironically, we found that the word “Sozilla” is an adjective used to describe something as a dominating force, impossible to overcome. Which is exactly what our company represents in the digital marketing field.